Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

Benefits of a Switch

Nursidik, this 55 year-old man has been making tempe since 1982. Currently, he produces 100 kgs of soybean per day with the help of his son. In order to produce tempe, he is renting the facilities with other four renters to one of the board members of South Jakarta PRIMKOPTI named Tjasbari.

South Jakarta PRIMKOPTI has been partnering with Tofu & Tempe Program of Mercy Corps since 2010 to promote more efficient and hygiene equipments.  With this partnership, many producers in South Jakarta have replaced their rusted drum to stainless steel drum as well as switching from firewood to LPG where Tjasbari is one of them. As Tjasbari made a switch on April 2011, therefore, all five renters are also switching to new equipments.

“When I was using firewood, I have to check it (fire) periodically. But since I use LPG, I don’t need to do it anymore, so that I can do other things like wrapping (the soybean) or taking a rest”, said Nursidik when he explains about the benefit of using LPG. He is happy with the switch because he also felt that the kitchen is much cleaner now and that he can save his manpower. Moreover, now he can save IDR 120.000/month as prior using LPG, he spent IDR 750.000, while using LPG (3kgs), he only spends IDR 630.000/month. The switch to LPG also makes his life easier as LPG are available in the market thus he doesn’t need to search for firewood anymore. Furthermore, the price of firewood continues to increase every year around 20%.


same here in bogor the produser tempe had been used drum stainless and lpg they felt all benefit

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